Tatio Geysers

* Children under 14 are not podrasn up to 4320 meters above sea level

Tatio Geysers

"It's well know that Atacama has its dangers and risks... that it is full of treasures left by the Incas. When they realized that the spanish weren't good people, hid all the mineral wealth. From Cuzco the warn was given, and even though men from all the latitudes ran and searched for years after hearing these stories of hidden gold. They say theirs souls are the smoke that every morning rise from the core of the Earth, where they were trapped when chasing the gold that belonged to others, the andineans." 


This beautiful geothermic field is the manifestation of the inner heat of the Earth, evident by the accion of the water in the pressure steams coming from the ground. At an altitude of 4,320 masl, the impression is for some like an inferno, and for others like a strange paradise.


The water penetreates into the Earth, and helped by its permeable capacity and the heat, it extracts from the rocks different salts and elements. Among the most common salts we can find sulfide, carbonate, chloride, borate and silica, and some other elements like sodium, potasium, calcium and magnesium. We can find here a variety of thermal springs that go from hotspring ponds, geysers and thermal ponds of mud. Enjoy the ceremony of everyday's arrival of the sun by admiring this amazing geothermic field.



Places Visited

  1. Tatio Geysers at 4,320 masl

  2. Thermal pool

  3. Machuca town

  4. Observation of local flora and fauna

* The locations may vary


Prices and deperture times


  • $25.000 for person

Entrance fees:

  • Foreigner: $10.000

  • Chilean: $7.000




  • 04:30 - 05:00 hrs.


  • 12:30 hrs. aprox

*The entrance tickets to the Nacional Parks or Reserves are not included in the price of the tour. Prices valid through 01/01/2018 until 31/12/2019. This regular tour can be sold as a private tour. Ask for prices.

*Breakfast included





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