Tara Salar flat

Tara Salar Flat

Tara Salt flat is located at 120 km east from San Pedro, is part of the Flamingo's National Reserve.}

This tour is impressive: we'll leave from San Pedro heading towards Jama international bordercrossing. Here, at an altitude of 4,000 masl, we'll have a panoramic view of the oasis and the watershed of the salt flat. On kilometer 78 we'll arrive to the Vegas de Quepiaco, nesting place of a wide variety of birds and vicuña's habitat. 


We then move on to the Pujsa Salt Flat, showered by the water of the Quepiaco River. Thousands of years ago, the plateau suffered a strong volcanic activity, causing the volcanic ashes to lay on the ground and cravasses, giving birth to the famous columns of rock, known as sentinels, guards, or "Monks of the Pakana", right on the left side of these amazing structures, the majestic Tara Salt Flat, last station of our tour.



Places Visited

  1. Balcony to the Licancabur Volcano

  2. Vegas de Quepiaco

  3. Monks of the Pakana

  4. Quisquiro flat

* The locations may vary


Prices and deperture times


  • $60.000 for person

Entrance fees:

  • Foreigner: Free

  • Chilean: Free

  • Students: Free




  • 08:00 - 08:30 hrs.


  • 16:30 hrs. aprox

* includes breakfast and lunch

*The entrance tickets to the Nacional Parks or Reserves are not included in the price of the tour. Prices valid through 01/01/2018 until 31/12/2019. This regular tour can be sold as a private tour. Ask for prices.




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