Moon Valley

Moon Valley

"DEATH VALLEY... the shepherds were walking, exhausting their bodies, but with firm pace the cattle had to be delivered from the other side of the mountain range all the way to the landlord's ranch. Elders tell a story about a man that walked this road and now is part of the so called Death Valley, who exhausted as he was, fell into a precipice with all the cattle, then came the sand and covered the slope where now is displayed a pretty dune. Some youngsters now slide their wooden boards and fly over this dune."


We'll visit the geological phenomenon known as Salt Mountain Range. It is said that the structures of clay, gypsum and salt that form the mountain range are over 22 million years old. For those who Mother Nature hasn't astonished yet, you'll experiment in this place a deep communion with the Earth. You'll be touched by the beauty of the place, unique in the whole world. Even NASA has performed several experiments here, taking advantage of the similarity to the Moon surface.

We'll admire the landscape from different spots, to then immerse into the deepness of the Earth, while visiting the salt caves. It's because of the high concentration of salts that atacameñan mummies were preserved in such a neat condition, that can tell us about the old times in which they lived.

We will as well understand the delicacy of the clay when we visit the Tres Marias, sculptures craved by nature, helped by time, water and wind, agents that eroded and modeled these strange shapes of the desert. For the perfect closure, we'll admire the dusk on the Great Dune, from where we'll be able to see the Andes, Domeyko mountain range and the Salt mountain range.



Places Visited

  1. The balcony

  2. Salt mountain range

  3. Ckari canyon (Trekking)

  4. Tres Marias

  5. Great Dune (sun set)

* The locations may vary


Prices and deperture times


  • $17.000 for person

Entrance fees:

  • Foreigner: $3.000

  • Chilean: $3.000

  • Students: $2.500




  • 15:00 hrs.


  • 20:30 hrs. aprox

*The entrance tickets to the Nacional Parks or Reserves are not included in the price of the tour. Prices valid through 01/01/2018 until 31/12/2019. This regular tour can be sold as a private tour. Ask for prices.





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