Turismo Layana

"The beginning of and adventure"

San Pedro de Atacama

About Us

Turismo Layana is a tourism operator located in the II Region of Chile, specifically in a charming place, San Pedro de Atacama, birthplace of a millenial culture, resistant of the ancient attacks and extreme weather of the desert.

What makes us different from the other operators? 


It's not about reaching places other agencies don't, it is well known that the routes offered to the tourists are extensevely used and known, or that we are one of the largest enterprises in San Pedro de Atacama. Our competitive advantage is by far, the possibility that the visitor will have to have a flexible service, personalized, opportune, addapted to the needs of our "friends", our clients. We are a mixture of enterprise and family, because we area company in constant growth, with a pushing and adventurous spirit that will make our visitors to feel like home.

For our operations ins San Pedro de Atacama, we have the following vehicles:

Para nuestra actividad operativa en San Pedro de Atacama, contamos con los siguientes equipos: 

Mini Buses:


  • Volare Model W8, 27 passengers capacity
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 12 passengers capacity
  • Toyota truck Model Hilux 4x4 


All our vehicles are authorized by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecomunications of our country, air conditioned, with emergency equipment and regular maintenance.

Turismo Layana, loyal to its spirit and commitment  to quality service, makes sure we have the best human team: local drivers and expert bilingual guides are an essential part of our business.




Moon Valley

San Pedro de Atacama

Cejar Lagoon

San Pedro de Atacama

Tatio Geysers

San Pedro de Atacama

Higth plateau lagoons
San Pedro de Atacama
Red Rocks

San Pedro de Atacama

Tara salt flat

San Pedro de Atacama

Rainbow Valley

San Pedro de Atacama

Puritama hotsptings

San Pedro de Atacama


"The beginning of and adventure"



Tocopilla #429 b
San Pedro de Atacama



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